About us


We believe that pets deserve quality care and love because we want to make our four-legged friends happy.

I’m a dog owner and a passionate animal lover, a change in my career was paramount to be true to my way of life (Family work/life balance)

Falling in love with my dog and others, I decided I wanted to do something that would allow me to share this love.

So I then completed a course in Dog Grooming and Behaviour/Training with Providing Basic care for dogs.

It is my number one priority to make all dogs feel relaxed and safe – and taking my time grooming your dog is extremely important to the mission statement of From Shabby to Chic Groomers. At first, it may take longer than a normal grooming session, but in my experience, I find when they start trusting you, future sessions are shorter in time.

I promise to love every dog as if it was my own providing the utmost care and attention to detail.

I look forward to assisting all my client’s and taking your dog From Shabby to Chic.